Zahratul Qur'an

One of the unique programme from egypt which is brought to India by Markaz Kerala.
After successful completion of LZQ the kids are able to achieve the target that we expected. Pakiza Play School runs Zahratul Qur'an in Indore in associated with Markaz Kerala.This is a new kind of 3 years pre-school program designed to mould the generation next in the light of Holy Qur'an along with modern education.In this program kids of 3-6 age group will recite and memorize(Hifz) the 30th Part(Amma Para). ZQ is to facilitate a divine environment with advanced features for the children to nurture them in Qur'anic ambience in their early stages of growth.


Nuturing each ethically successful and responsible citizens of the nation by imparting Modern and Moral Value Based Education.


Moulding a new generation giving them sets of Qur'anic values blending with modern studies that they will never shake off.


  • Kids growth in a Islamic atmosphere.
  • Reading Qur'an by following proper Arabic phonetics and Tajweed.
  • Learning the 30th Part (Amma part) of Holy Qur'an by heart within 3 years.
  • Developing an Islamic personality in the light of Holy Qur'an.
  • Regularizing daily Azkar and Dua
  • Providing school education from Nursery to KG -2.
  • Basic communication skill in English.
  • Create a strong family relationship along with Islamic ethics & values.

Salient Features

  • Most modern psychological teaching system.
  • Grow kid naturally.
  • Smart class rooms.
  • Specially trained female teachers (Aalima).
  • 3 : 24 students teachers class room ratio.
  • Natural walk (Weekly)

Admission Procedure

  • The Children of 3 to 4 age group can enroll the Zahratul Qur'an pre school.
  • Selection will be through interview.
  • 25 seats only.

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