About Us


Pakiza Play School is the joint venture of Pakiza Edu Group & Markaz Kerala. 
Pakiza Play School's unique curriculum balances pre primary subject knowledge and moral values to strengthen our pupils social and moral education and prepare them for success in the wider world.

The Vision

Nurture each child and create ethically successful and responsible citizens of the nation by imparting Modern and Moral value based education

The Mission

Our pupils to draw on both Modern and Moral values curriculum to equip themselves to be morally responsible citizens who benefit from their education and contribute positively to society as responsible citizens of our Nation.

We are committed to deliver a high quality learning environment for our pupils to apply the ethical teachings of Moral Values to their lives.

Salient Features 

A. Most modern psychological teaching system.

B. Grow kid naturally.

C. Smart class rooms.

D. Specially trained female teacheres (Aalima).

E. 3:24 teachers students class room ratio.

F. Natural walk (Weekly).

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